Apply for the Learning Spark Fund

The Learning Spark Fund is a participatory grant mechanism designed to stimulate learning as broadly and creatively as possible on the theme of girl adolescent sexuality and Child Marriage.

Learning exchanges are spaces for knowledge sharing. They stimulate the flow of practical experience, perspectives and insights. Members of an exchange discuss what they know, exchange competencies and even tackle sticky problems or issues together. The exchange of context specific experiences and actor specific perspectives are the foundation for collectively exploring and coming up with strategies for improving intervention design and implementation.

Grant Details
A maximum of Euro 170,000 in grants will be awarded in 2020. The grant is expected to be published in April 2020 and contains two windows – small and larger. The Learning Spark Fund operates in the nine focus countries of the Making the Most of What we Know project: India, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Pakistan Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal and Uganda.

Any individual, group or organization with inspiring experience or insights on sexuality and Child Marriage is welcomed to pitch an idea or participate in the learning exchanges. This can include but is not limited to members of the three Dutch funded child marriage alliances, those involved in the Girls not Brides network as well as the UNICEF – UNFPA global program. NGO/CBOs working at local level, government staff, researchers, advisors, adolescent girl group representatives etc. are encouraged to participate. Inter and intra Alliance sharing, multi country exchanges and bringing together people with diverse perspectives is welcomed and encouraged.

For contracting purposes, each exchange must include an organization (host – responsible for administration)  that is connected to one of the three Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded Child marriage alliances:

1) MTBA: Save, Oxfam-Novib, Population Council, Simavi
2) Her Choice: kinderpostzegels, ICDI, Hungerproject, UVA
3) Yes, I do: Plan, CHOICE, Rutgers, Amref, KIT.

How to Apply
More information about the learning & exchange grant-fund application process can be found in this brief. Ideas and proposals for learning & exchange will be generated via an online platform. Once ready the link to the online idea generation and application platform will be published on this website.