Child Marriage in Pakistan


In 2017, nearly 40% of the population of 20 year old girls in Pakistan were married before turning 18. Research from three recent development programmes in the Punjab and Sindh provinces – Her Choice, Marriage: No Child’s Play, and Yes I Do – explored why child marriage is so prevalent in both provinces, what

C’est La Vie Campaign


MTBA Partners Oxfam, SORO, WALE and FAWE  together with RAES launch campaign in Mali One of the strategies The More than Brides Alliance uses is Edutainment short for entertainment-education. Edutainment uses popular culture and mass media to challenge existing norms and attitudes around topics such as child marriage, violence against women and sexual reproductive



Story of Gayatri, Sitamarhi district in Bihar, India The More Than Brides Alliance has been operating in the Sitamarhi district in Bihar, India since 2016, where it has reached 3,400 adolescent girls and boys. This district and other marginalized communities are facing enormous challenges due to the lock down