Project Description

Story of Chamki

Chamki lives in Jharkhand, India. She lives with her small family including her brother, parents, and grandparents. Chamki’s father is a farmer and he goes to the agricultural field for work every day. Her mother is a homemaker. Chamki often helps her father in agricultural work in the field.

These days, Chamki’s grandfather is extremely ill. Good medical practitioners are not available in and around the village and he is unable to get proper treatment in the nearby city due to poverty. Chamki’s father used to sell vegetables and earn a little money for the household, but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, earning money has become extremely challenging. Chamki is profoundly serious about her studies, but because her school is closed, she is facing challenges with her regular studies. Chamki feels sad about her grandpa. She wants to become a Doctor and serve people like her grandpa in the village. She wants to provide good medical facility to all in her village after she becomes a Doctor.