Project Description

Jamuna Parida, Jemadeipur village, Odisha

Jamuna Parida, lives in Jemadeipur village, Odisha with her parents, two siblings. Her Father is a daily wage labor and has a hard time supporting the whole family. After completing matriculation Jamuna’ parents did not allow for Jamuna’s Study because of their poor financial condition and also arranged her marriage. Jamuna is part of the adolescent girls group formed by More Than Brides Alliance’s partner in India; the  Village Health Associations India (VHAI) -APARAJITA. During this period, VHAI organised a meeting between the District Leaders and the adolescent girls groups in which they discussed the importance of girl’s education and the adverse impact of child marriage. During the discussion, Jamuna shared her concern about the plan her parents had to marry her. After hearing her story  the District Leaders, adolescent group members and VHAI field staff members together met with her parents and convinced them not to organize her marriage at such an early age.  “I am grateful to the adolescent group members and the VHAI team for averting my marriage”- Jamuna says. After this she participated in a vocational training on tailoring, also supported by MTBA. Her earnings as a tailor have given a huge boost to her family’s income. This is enabling Jamuna to re-enroll in school and next to jer work continue her education.