Project Description

Story of Sulina

Sulina lives with her family including her brother, sister, and parents in Jharkhand, India. People in her village mostly work in agriculture and few people work as daily wage laborers outside of the village. Sulina said that she feels sad that the people of her village are not very informed or concerned about children’s education. She wants to change this and wishes people saw the importance of education. She is a student of the 9th class, and her dream is to become a good teacher. Sulina wants to change the mindset of people in her village and wishes to see her village as an educated village. She understands that education is the only way towards that dream. However, presently COVID-19 has become a big hurdle between Sulina and her dream.

School is closed and students are studying through online classes. Sulina is facing challenges in studies as she does not have a smartphone. But, Sulina never gives-up or accepts defeat. Every day she goes to a different place to study, which is 6 kilometers away on her bicycle to attend tuition classes. Sulina is determined to achieve her dream at any cost. She wants to become educated, empowered, and independent and wants to revitalize her village through education.