Did you know that Pakistan ranks 6th in the world in terms of child marriage, with 1.9 million child brides? What does the life of a married girl child look like? She is isolated from her friends and family and she misses out on school. More girls than boys are out of school from the total of 22.8 million children. Let’s secure the future of our girls, not by marrying them off at a young age, but by investing in their education. Every child deserves the right to choose the life they want to live.


During the first week of #October, Oxfam in Pakistan’s partners @Bedariin Punjab and @Indus Resource Centre (IRC) in Sindh hired local artists to paint wall #murals outside schools and government offices. The initiative, which was powered by Oxfam’s ‘Marriage: No Child’s Play’ project under @More Than Brides Alliance (MTBA),was part of #Oxfam in Pakistan’s campaign on the plight of #ChildAbuse, a social evil our country grapples with every day. Students, teachers and onlookers immediately gathered to witness their towns covered in beautiful paintings, with thought-provoking messages on child abuse, rights of children, dangers of early #ChildMarriage and the importance of #GirlsEducation.

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Int’l #DayOfTheGirl #StopChildAbuse #EndChildMarriage

What does a #feminist humanitarian system look like? We've met w/ humanitarian donors, international organizations, & women-focused civil society organizations to discuss what is needed. Learn what we heard from our action brief. #Humanitarian4Her

Happy #InternationalDayoftheGirl!

We believe all girls deserve to grow up in a world of opportunity and choice. Take a stand with us against child marriage!


Did you know that child marriage is still not a crime in the UK? This #InternationalDayoftheGirl, we are proud to join @brides_do_good’s #OnlyAGirl campaign, to raise awareness of the devastating effects of child marriage in this country and create a brighter future.

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