Story of Gayatri, Sitamarhi district in Bihar, India The More Than Brides Alliance has been operating in the Sitamarhi district in Bihar, India since 2016, where it has


Jamuna Parida, Jemadeipur village, Odisha Jamuna Parida, lives in Jemadeipur village, Odisha with her parents, two siblings. Her Father is a daily wage labor and has a hard time supporting the whole


Innes Chayamba, Cheyard village Mchinji, Malawi Innes Chayamba, 26 lives in Cheyard village Mchinji district in Malawi. Her family relies on farming and small scale business for a living. Innes dropped out


Sapna Kumari, Dumka, Jharkhand ‘We have the right to decide who we want to have a sexual relationship with and when. We have the right to decide when we want to marry,


Ismail, Child Protection Committee member Ismail, 28, lives in Village Pipli Wala in District Lodhran, Punjab province with his relatives, family and newlywed wife. His father is a farmer and his mother


Zione Chiya, Guruguru village Malawi ‘I have seen so much change as girls now have become more ambitious as back then all they wanted to be was a mother and a wife’.


Pryia, Bagri village of Tonk District, Rajasthan I am accumulating additional skills and saving money. Soon, I will open my own tailoring shop and employ others.” Priya, 19 years old girl, lives in


Sumaira Atta, GALS Champion “These little victories can mean everything for a girl’s life and ultimately an entire family’s; knowing this is enough to keep us motivated to work toward social change


Mchinji, Malawi “When our facilitator told us that as a group we can start bank mkhonde – Village Savings Loans Association- and start getting loans for small scale businesses I saw that


Farhana Tuniuo, Pakistan “I had lost all hope and was about to drop out of school when I heard of the GALS (Gender Action Learning System) training. I thought it was


Saira is a fifteen-year-old girl who belongs to a very poor and religious family in District Muzaffargarh, South Punjab. In her hometown, girls are often married before they reach their sixteenth birthday as many people in her community view child marriage as a way out of poverty and insecurity.


Aichatou Abdou, 17 years, has a one-year-old baby, Mahamadou Moussa. Two years ago, when she was 15 years old, she got married to a 47-year-old policeman. It was an arranged marriage, and she became pregnant after a year...