MTBA at International Conference on Population and Development

MTBA was present at the International Conference on Population on Development (ICPD) to present our Call to Action for governments to support work that: Put girls at the center Considers what alternative pathways exist for girls and expands viable options Supports social norm change related to child marriage and the value of girls Please read


C’est La Vie Campaign

MTBA Partners Oxfam, SORO, WALE and FAWE  together with RAES launch campaign in Mali One of the strategies The More than Brides Alliance uses is Edutainment short for entertainment-education. Edutainment uses popular culture and mass media to challenge existing norms and attitudes around topics such as child marriage, violence against women and sexual reproductive


Child marriage in Pakistan

Child marriage in Pakistan: evidence from three development programs What are the negative consequences of child marriage – and what is the potential for changing attitudes and social norms about this practice? Read here the column reports evidence from development programs in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh provinces, where nearly two in every five young

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